Pressure Cleaning

Pressure Cleaning

For Pressure cleaning services that you can always count on for flawless results contact our professional staff from Miracle Pressure Cleaning. Our top priority is making sure our services are affordable to our customers. As a family owned and operated business, honesty and integrity are very important to us. You will be very pleased with our cleaning techniques that provide faster, more efficient service you will be impressed with. We have the latest equipment in pressure cleaning that allows us to change the amount of pressure to ensure proper cleaning, without causing damage. Cleaning with spraying water creates a strong pressure that gets the job done.

Pressure cleaning from Miracle Pressure Cleaning will not disappoint you. We have various cleaning options available to our customers. You can choose to have just a one-time cleaning, or you can have it done monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or yearly. It is very important you keep your business clean all the time. Customers are more likely to visit if your business is clean and in top condition. Contact us right now to set up your cleaning appointment.

Power Washing

For your pressure cleaning, we use a cleaning solution of 30% algaecide to 70% water, and surfacant which is an additive. This additive is non-hazardous, Boo-degradable, eco friendly, stable surfactant which is designed to decrease run-off allowing for longer dwelling time and thickens and boosts the solution with a pleasant scent. We will provide you with a free estimate by looking at your property on Google maps. We will also be able to give you an estimate on the time and process your property will require for the cleaning. If for some reason, we can’t see your property on Google maps, we will look at your property in person. For the best pressure cleaning, you should remove your furniture or belongings occupying that space.

The cleaning will be more thorough if it is items are removed from the start. We will help eliminate algae, spider webs, bugs, dirt, grime, oil, rust, and more. We use a degreaser, paver sealer, chemicals, and soaps to do your cleaning. Our relationship with our clients is very important to us and we always aim for 100% customer satisfaction. With regular cleaning, you can keep yourself and your families healthier for a longer time. Working in a clean environment is just as important as living in one. Call us right now to schedule your cleaning!

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